PWB Ltd | Safe usage of platforms and lifting equipment
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Safe usage of platforms and lifting equipment

Safe usage of platforms and lifting equipment

While there’s no doubt that being able to hire lifting equipment and platforms makes all kinds of exterior work much safer and easier, it’s also important to ensure that you follow certain health and safety measures when using this equipment, in order to minimise the risk of accidents. Therefore prior to use, a risk assessment should be made, identifying potential hazards and putting in place suitable control measures, to ensure the safety of both the people that will use the platform, and the people on the ground too.

There are a number of precautions that can be taken to reduce the risk of hazards:

· Make sure to brief operators on both safe working systems and potential dangers, especially if the platform is going to be used in an area that has overhead      structures.
· Ensure that the platform is placed on firm, level ground to avoid the machine overturning.
· Always have guardrails and toe boards fitted to the platform.
· Always keep the platform tidy to reduce the chance of an operators losing his balance or tripping over while in the basket.
· If concerned that the risk of falling remains, consider using a harness with a restraint lanyard. This should be anchored to a suitable anchorage point in the basket.
· Keep the area below the platform clear, to avoid personnel being hit by objects which may fall from the basket.
· Keep abreast of changing weather conditions. High winds can cause the platform to tilt and lose stability.

By keeping these recommendations in mind, you’ll ensure the health and safety of your workers and get the job done in a safe and risk free manner. If you’d like more information about the range of platform hire Dorset has available, and some of the most cost effective platform hire Christchurch has on offer, contact PWB Industrial Heating Service Ltd on 01202 682 500. You’ll find that we provide excellent equipment at extremely competitive rates.