PWB Ltd | Heat Pumps
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Heat Pumps

PWB Have been Installing, Servicing and Repairing Heat Pumps for over 30 years. Heat Pumps are a low cost way of providing heat, (Either air or water) to any building. They provide heat by absorbing it from the ground or outside air, This heat can then be used in a variety of ways, to heat radiators, under-floor heating systems, warm air convectors and hot water systems. They can be ideally used to directly replace an Oil Fired Boiler for example. All Air to Air Heat Pumps are also able to provide cool air in the summer as in any air conditioning system.

An air source Heat Pump extracts heat from the air outside. It can even absorb heat from the air when the temperature is as low as -15°c. A typical Modern Heat Pump System has an EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 4.95, That means it will produce 4.95Kw of heat from 1Kw of electricity!

If you require any advice or more information on Heat Pumps anywhere in Central Southern & South West England just give us a call any time.

Heat Pumps provide

  • Heating & Cooling (air Conditioning)
  • 1 Kw of Electricity provides 4.95Kw of Heating or Cooling
  • Air to Air or Air to Water systems
  • Ideal replacement for Oil Boilers
  • Very economical to run
  • Complete Temperature & Humidity Control
  • Extremely Quiet & Efficient

We Offer

  • Design Supply & Installation
  • Re-Gassing & Re-locations
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Service, Spares & Repairs
  • De-commissioning & Recycling
  • Cleaning & disinfecting
  • Within 24 hr breakdown Service

How does a heat pump work?